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To access the full database text from outside the University Campus, please click here   


b-on - Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online (Online Knowledge Library)

B-on is a joint project supervised by UMIC (-the Portuguese Agency for the Knowledge Society) and MCTES (the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education) and run by the FNSC (Foundation for National Scientific Computation). This provides an online database that enables access to more than 16,000 full text e-publications with the means for simultaneous research.

Please click  here                 


CEPRD - Centre for Economic Policy Research

Access to the Working Papers allocated to the "Centre for Economic Policy Research" takes place online with the corresponding possibility to research more than 30,000 abstracts and all CEPRD working papers published since 1999.

CESifo - Centre for Economic Studies & Ifo Institute for Economic Research

Search here for CESifo Working Papers.



Electronic resources for different fields of knowledge.




EBSCO Discovery Services – EDS


The EBSCO Discovery Services - EDS is a unique platform for integrated and simultaneous research of (almost) all electronic resources subscribed to by the University - Jstor, ABI/INFORM, Emerald, Academic Search Complete, Business Source, LexisNexis, Heinonline, PsycArticles, PsycBooks, Education Resarch Complete, Elsevier, etc., and also in addition to dozens of other free access resources.




Emerald Fulltext

Through this site, UCP readers may access the full electronic versions of Emerald periodicals also existing in a printed format in the Library. Researchers are also able to consult the abstracts of 42,000 articles spanning 100 different Emerald publications through different types of research method, including by keywords, author, title, year, publishers, etcetera.


FEDEA is a research centre founded to generate quality economic analysis, objectively and of independent judgment.


FUNAG - the Fundação Alexandre de Gusmão

FUNAG is a public foundation under the auspices of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil that was founded in 1971. This Brazil institution has published the largest number of works on themes interconnected with foreign policies, international relations and the diplomatic history of Brazil. The most recent works are not freely available from the Digital Library of the FUNAG website in an e-book format. A proportion of the books published are donated to opinion makers, academic institutions and libraries in Brazil and beyond.



HeinOnline is an Internet service launched in 2000. This provides a source of legal information similar to Wetslaw and LexisNexis. Access requires a HeinOnline subscription. William S. Hein & Co is the publisher. 

HeinOnline - Law Journal Library

HeinOnline - English Reports, full reprint (1220-1865)


ISEG Working Papers

Consult here the working papers of the Portuguese Higher Institute of Economics and Management)



Infopédia is a site designed and developed by Porto Editora consisting of a reference contents database that ensures the suitability of information, security while navigating and ease of utilisation.


IZA Discussion Paper

IZA is a private entity that carries out national and international market research in the law sector. It operates as a non-profit limited company that receives financial support for its research activities.



JSTOR provides access to research published by various titles across the fields of Statistics, Mathematics, Economics and Management.




Legal information databases.
Access requires 
UCP proxy configuration.



LexisNexis presents itself as the world's biggest supplier of legal and business information, publishing from approximately 33,000 information sources. The range covers the main titles in the international press, news services and specialized journals and magazines on Law, Economics and Finance.



NBER - National Bureau of Economic Research

Online working papers.


OCDE - Biblioteca on-line 

You search the full text of titles available in print in the Library.



Open Science Directory

The Open Science Directory is a research platform with multiple resources available for free access. This provides more than 13,000 scientific journals from the more respectable Open Access resources, such as DOAJ, BioMed Central, HighWire Press and Central PubMed, and also special programs: HINARI, AGORA, OARE, INASP-PERI and JDS.


PGDL - Legislative Database for the Attorney General of Lisbon District

The PGDL legislative database holds the objective of gathering and providing access to the updated texts of the more commonly requested juridical diplomas.

For a more detailed description of the contents of this resource, as well as its utilisation, please click here

Procuradoria-Geral Distrital de Lisboa (PGDL)
RCAAP – the Open Access Scientific Repository of Portugal


RCAAP – the Open Access Scientific Repository of Portugal seeks to collect, aggregate and index the open access (or free access) scientific contents existing in the institutional repositories of the national higher education entities along with other R&D organizations. This has already gathered and made available for research more than 55,000 scientific documents from institutional repositories held by Portuguese academic and research organizations.


Integrated and belonging to this RCAAP free access movement, the “Veritati – the Institutional Repository of the Portuguese Catholic University”, may be accessed at: http://repositorio.ucp.pt/, or via the RCAAP research portal of its Portuguese repository directory at:  http://www.rcaap.pt/directory.jsp.




RefWorks – Bibliographic References Management

RefWorks deploys a powerful management research tool, written in an online collaboration, designed to help researchers, professors and any level of student not only to easily obtain, organize and store all kinds of information but also to instantly generate quotations and bibliographies, based on the information given. 

Accessing RefWorks requires registration on the main page at: http://www.refworks-cos.com/refworks, click on "Sign Up for a New Account" and then follow the instructions

Note: this first registration necessary has to be made from the Lisbon UCP campus network. For access to RefWorks and access outside the campus network, please consult the user guide. Readers may also access RefWorks at: http://www.refworks-cos.com/refworks and aquire more information about this tool, such as FAQs, tutorials and other support materials.


UCP Digital Platform

The UCP Digital Platform provides the following contents:
- Spinger Catalogue: access to the e-books published by Springer (B-ON collection). - Journals Catalogue: connecting to delayed issues and available to readers through the Catholic University network.
Thiis also enables access to the e-books Catalogue but this requires the installation of Adobe Digital Editions. To consulte the how-to-use instructions, click on the following link: http://www.iacervo.com/ucatolica/instalationADE/, processing program activation through your UCP email address.


 Plataforma digital

Web of Knowledge

The Catholic University provides access to the Web of Knowledge databases. This access is open to all users registered with the UCP network.



Westlaw International

Westlaw provides a research tool that enables access to various different international databases with content on primarily juridical matters, produced by several hundred renowned and prestigious European, American and Australian publishers and organisations.





Digital Periódicals


AtoZ Platform 

The platform for accessing the digital format periodicals available in the UCP libraries 


Consult the full texts of the periodicals subscribed to by the BUJP at SUBSCRIBED JOURNALS



Financial Times

The Financial Times is available to all of the Catholic University of Portugal courtesy of an educational license. This provides full access to the digital version of the FT (UK and International versions) as well as the UK ePaper version (Europe, US, Asia and Mid East editions), which is an exact digital copy of the paper version and that may be downloaded. 

 Financial Times

Jurisprudence Collection 

This subscribes to the on-line Jurisprudence Collection. This digital resource provides access to all of the rulings and decisions handed down by the Portuguese Supreme Court of Justice and the Courts of Appeal since 1993 (120 volumes, 20,000 documents). There are two means of access: "access by journal" (year, volume, court and section) and "access by database" (subject, keywords, describers, author, date of decision and appeal).


Kluwer Law Journals

There is now available a new electronic juridical resource: Kluwer Law Journals on-line. This represents one of the most prestigious publishers providing a juridical platforms that includes, among others, the Common Market Law Review journal      

 Kluwer Law Journals

Official Parliamentary Gazette

Contains the complete texts of the following gazettes:

Constitutional Monarchy 1821-1910 ; The First Republic 1910-1926

Estado Novo 1935-1974 ; The Third Republic 1975-

Official Republic Gazette   

For consultation and printing, UCP-Lisbon Campus readers may access the 1st and 2nd Series of the Diário da República (DR) – Official Gazette, Corporate Acts of the 3rd Series, and the Civil Code with annotations by Abílio Neto and the Juridical Translator.

In order to access on the University campus all the functions made available by the Diário da República  – Official Gazette subscription, (for example, the Juridical Translator), readers need to complete the steps described here. Afterwards, on the advanced search page, readers should activate their access on the upper right hand side of the screen by clicking on one of the icons (or both should users wish to access both series) labelled "Access IP 1ªS" and "Access IP 2ªS", which go green on activation.
Given that the contracted level of access contains a cap on simultaneous consultations, users may not gain access on their first attempt, in which case, please try again a short while later.

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