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Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC)

The Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) aims to encourage students to think and learn across disciplines and to instill values and skills proper to the holistic goals of humanistic education. By laboring beyond the scope of the specific degree courses, students are encouraged to unleash creativity and to develop the capabilities needed to pursue inspiring work and to strive to improve the condition of humanity. Courses are tailored to respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex world. They are structured according to four main subject areas:

  1. Humanities - (Literature, Philosophy, Theology, History, Arts, Law, Linguistics, Political Philosophy);
  2. Math and Health Sciences - (Mathematics, Health Sciences);
  3. Modern Languages;
  4. Social Sciences and Economics - (Economics, Management, Political Science, Communication Studies, Sociology, Anthropology, Education).

The subjects listed below are updated on a yearly basis.  Basically, the curriculum is aimed at boosting success and leadership by expanding knowledge and thus improving students’ ability to lead successful and meaningful lives.        
Enrollment in LAC subjects is done through the Student's Office of the incoming student's host Faculty. Exchange students (incoming) who wish to take LAC credits will need to enroll in at least 51% of the credits taken in regular degree courses at the host Faculty. Please contact the Student's Office of the host Faculty for deadlines.        
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